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Country Club – New Grass Country Club


Catalog #: CR-014 Release Date: 05/10/2012 Country Club is Jack Donovan, Peter Campanelli, Ray Micarelli, Andrew Landry, and Robert Lacy. Country Club shares members with Habitat, High In One Eye, and Native America. Many thanks to Ross Farbe who recorded the album and was mixing it up until an hour before they played their set [...]

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Sun Hotel & Country Club – Post-Christmas


To celebrate the holiday season, we wanted to share with you guys some tracks that Sun Hotel and Country Club recorded in December 2010 for their second annual Christmas party. Sun Hotel takes on Elvis’s classic ‘Blue Christmas’, Country Club croons over Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’, and all the boys [...]

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Upcoming Shows October 2011


Holy moly, guacamole. We merry musicians at Chinquapin are officially back to school. People are getting sick, staying up too late, waking up early, and most importantly, prepping for some upcoming shows we’re doing. Let’s do this chronologically, ite? 9/22/2011 (Tallahassee, FL) : Sun Hotel + Native America + Salt Altars + Crawfishes + Daniel Moran [...]

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Chinquapin Records Syllabus Week BBQ MOVED to Sept 9th


Due to some extreme weather, this show has been moved to Friday, Sept 9th. Thanks for understanding! Well, we’re finally nearing the end of a long summer of and (personal) space exploration. We’re commemorating the first week of the Chinquapin family being reunited this summer by throwing a barbecue! We’re calling it the Chinquapin Records [...]

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