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Chris Rehm – IWPTSOA Records release (March 23, 2013)


Hello WORLD. Chris Rehm here, writing to let whomever cares to know that I will be releasing a new short-running record tomorrow, March 23rd. The great people at I Will Play This Song Once Again Records (Brussels, Belgium) hit me up a few months back and asked if I was interested in doing a release [...]

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Check This Out! SAVE GARRETT Compilation and Benefit Show


In order to help pay for the overwhelming hospital bills of a close friend, some of our folks have put together a killer compilation of unreleased tracks from Sun Hotel, Country Club, ArchAnimals, Chris Rehm, and more! On top of that, there’s going to be a benefit show, GarrettFEST, at Other Bar tomorrow afternoon before [...]

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Chris Rehm – Elephant Ring

[i found an] Elephant Ring [ and gave it you]

Stream and download the album here.

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Old Flame | New Squeeze


Side A: Chris Rehm – Old Flame 1. Itches 2. Wishes 3. Fishes 4. Three Weeks 5. Till When? 6. Feathering a Nest 7. Yr Friends Side B: Native America – New Squeeze 1. Beached 2. Just Add Water 3. Grass Stains 4. A Living 5. Half-Holiday 6. Everyone Have a Wonderful Evening Limited run [...]

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Native America | Chris Rehm Cassette Release!


Ross Farbe and Chris Rehm of Native America and Chris Rehm have been hard at work these past few weeks crafting and concocting some stellar sounds to be released later this month as a very special Chinquapin cassette split. The release, “Old Flame | New Squeeze” gives each songwriter one cassette side to explore and [...]

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Chris Rehm


I’ve been writing & recording songs for most of my life & sometimes I need some alone time away from a band. This is the music I make when left to my own devices. It started off as silly/weird bedroom sugary pop & now it’s dripping like molasses. I generally write & record at the [...]

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Chris Rehm – Worries, etc.


to get the album plus 2 bonus tracks. (After you donate, click ‘return to donations coordinator’ to get your stuff!) Worries Blinders Vents Silences Remembers Keys Stasis Anxieties Releases Total running time (28:58) Notes: I started recording this album before I knew I was recording it: in the summer of 2008. I recorded a guitar [...]

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