Caddywhompus – Fuck and Run (Chopped and Screwed)


Get a taste of the dirty south where the beats flow like syrup which also flows like water. Get a firm grip on that styrofoam cup and bang this slow shit up and down the boulevard. “Fuck and Run” was originally written by Liz Phair and we in the Caddy crew covered the song for [...]

Native America – Bayhouse


Here’s a track off Native America‘s debut full length “Get Well Soon.” Laid-back, pleasant vocal melodies and a breezy guitar lead make this the perfect song for a sunny day drive. Grab your free download now and be sure to check out their record release show TONIGHT at The Big Top! Bayhouse.mp3 (click to download)

Donovan Wolfington – Spencer Green


The first single from Donovan Wolfington’s upcoming full-length release. Fuzzy, driving, and altogether beautiful, “Spencer Green” was lovingly produced and recorded by Ross Farbe. These kids are also on tour, check out their dates right here. Click to stream “Spencer Green” Download “Spencer Green”

Arch Animals – Garden

Arch Animals - Garden

Arch Animals just put out this little diddy last week.  ”Smooth” and “jammy” guitar riffs ontop of some heavy distorted bass lines with great lyrics.  You know what time it is.

Country Club – Stranger


We’re really excited to announce that Country Club will be releasing their long-awaited second LP next week. As a preview of what’s to come, here’s the first single “Stranger”, written and sung by drummer Ray Micarelli. Click to Play “Stranger”

Major Major Major – Peace Love Darkness


Austin, TX is constantly breeding fine a litter of independent musicians and MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR ain’t no exception to that fact. MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR is influenced by the energy of Punk bands like Husker Du, the hooks of late 60′s Pop groups like the Zombies, and the wackiness of Glam Rock idols such as David [...]

Choi Wolf – 2011 Demo


Byron from Glish’s punk project.  Fast-nasaly-grind.

B L A C K I E – demo


This is an older EP by B L A C K I E, aka Michael LaCour, released in ’09. If you like this you will be way down with his live set.  He plays Block Party this Saturday 4/21/12 at 8 o’clock.

The Tontons – So Young / Golden


The Tontons are good friends of ours from way out yonder in Houston, TX, the city of syrup.  They have a very unique sound that can only be described as motorcycle-dance-rock/sexual-lounge-pop.  These two songs, recorded at Sugar-Hill Studios in Houston, are the first 2 tracks off their most recent EP, Golden.  Download them for free and [...]

High in One Eye – Indifference


This is track seven from death-pop duo High in One Eye’s newest album, “Memory Hoarders”. Brutal. Click Here to Stream “Indifference” DOWNLOAD ‘MEMORY HOARDERS’

ArchAnimals – Pokemon


Local retrospective fuzz trio ArchAnimals just released this excellent single from their first upcoming EP. Equal parts fuzzy nostalgia and thoughtful Americana, “Pokemon” shows the band at their noisy best. Really looking forward to hearing more from these guys! Click here to stream “Pokemon” Download from ArchAnimals’ Bandcamp

Caddywhompus – Maze Demos

Maze Demos cover

This is a series of new demos recorded by Caddywhompus in early 2012. Most of these are early versions of songs to be released in full at a later date. Tracklist: 1. Feathering a Nest 2. Stuck 3. Company 4. It’s a Self-Portrait (of You) Click to stream “Company” DOWNLOAD MAZE DEMOS

Sun Hotel – Disorder (Joy Division Cover)


Sun Hotel takes on Joy Division’s “Disorder” from their 1979 debut Unknown Pleasures. Recorded live at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans in November 2011. Click here to stream: Sun Hotel – Disorder

Native America – Just Like Heaven (The Cure Cover)


To celebrate the holidays, we wanted to share with you guys a new treat from the workshop of Native America‘s Ross Farbe. Featured here is a cover of the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”, off of their 1987 record ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’. Click on these links to stream: Native America – “Just Like [...]

Sun Hotel & Country Club – Post-Christmas


To celebrate the holiday season, we wanted to share with you guys some tracks that Sun Hotel and Country Club recorded in December 2010 for their second annual Christmas party. Sun Hotel takes on Elvis’s classic ‘Blue Christmas’, Country Club croons over Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’, and all the boys [...]

Treadles – Is or Isn’t


Treadles is a creative project by New Orleanian-by-way-of-Nashville Kara Stafford, who quietly released her EP ‘Rough Barks’ this past September. Earthy, minimal folkscapes are bookended by moments of enormous instrumentation. Click on this link to stream: “Is or Isn’t” DOWNLOAD ‘ROUGH BARKS’

Donovan Wolfington – Spiders


New Orleans’ Donovan Wolfington has just released their first EP “Sometimes, Nostalgia”, a four-song discourse on 90′s noise-guitar, impassioned lyrics and DIY ethos. For fans of Algernon Cadwallader, Cap’n Jazz. Click on this link to play a stream of the track: “Spiders” DOWNLOAD THE “SOMETIMES, NOSTALGIA” EP

Young Jesus – Away


Our good friends Young Jesus from Chicago just released the first track from their upcoming full-length “Home”, to be released on January 4th, 2012. Click on this link to play a stream of the track:“Away” DOWNLOAD THE SINGLE HERE

Glish – Magazine


We’re all incredibly excited about this one. Glish is something of a shoegaze supergroup, featuring some members of the Chinquapin family and friends (New Grass, High in One Eye, Münchausens to name a few). They released a dreampop gem called “Magazine” this week and we really wanted to bring it to you. Enjoy! Click on [...]

Young Jesus – Maybe Baby


This is a track our good friends Young Jesus recorded this summer at Red Bull Academy Studios in Santa Monica, CA. For fans of the National, Titus Andronicus, or staying inside reading instead of playing basketball with your bros. Check out their website and the kickstarter to fund their upcoming full-length. Click on this link [...]

Native America – Winedrunk Potluck (Demo)


This is a live demo from Native America’s upcoming full length to be released early next year. Click on this link to play a stream of the track: “Winedrunk Potluck”(demo)

Munchausens – “Sponge”

Munchausen Sponge

The Chinquapin crew is really excited to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Münchausens. Münchausens is the recording project of Byron Chance, who uses sparse arrangements and instrumentation to create truly haunting and moving soundscapes. “Sponge” is the first track from Münchausens’ upcoming cassette “Null + Void”, to be released September 27th. [...]

Sun Hotel – “Talks” (Demo)


A demo of “Talks” from Sun Hotel’s upcoming EP “Gifts”, to be released on Oct. 11th. You can also download the final version of the song right here. Click on this link to play a stream of the track: “Talks”(demo)

Chris Shark America – “She Said the Same Thing”


Chris Shark America is the ambient “side-project-to-a-side-project” of Chris Rehm, Sharks’ Teeth and Native America. “She Said the Same Thing” is an improvised track recorded in early 2010 and has since remained unreleased. Click on this link to play a stream of the track: “She Said the Same Thing”

Sharks’ Teeth – “My Jesus”


Tyler Scurlock (AKA Sharks’ Teeth) spends his time away from Sun Hotel nestled between an array of keyboards and tape decks that he uses to create what he calls “electric river” music. “My Jesus” is one of the more structured tracks from his album “Gazebo”, available for download at his bandcamp. Click on this link [...]

Sun Hotel – “Talks”


“Talks” is the latest free download off of Sun Hotel’s newest release, “Gifts.” This album marks their fourth release and us guys here at Chinquapin couldn’t be anymore proud to be helping release it. Pre-orders available at their website. RSVP to The CD Release Show Friday October 7th at One Eyed Jacks Click on this [...]

Native America – “Punch and Judy” (Elliott Smith Cover)


Native America‘s cover of Elliott Smith’s “Punch and Judy” from his incredible album Either/Or. Click on this link to play a stream of the track: “Punch and Judy”

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