Stop The Hate Compilation – Marley Fest 2011

Hey guys,

Quick version: If you want to stop the hate – purchase the STOP THE HATE compilation and attend MARLEY FEST 2011

Long version: First off, my name is Alex Hertz. I play in Sun Hotel and much like the rest of the gang here at I am always a lover and NEVER a hater.

Unfortunately, not everyone in this world is this way. In fact, there are some people out there that are so cruel and so full of hate, that they go as far as STEALING beautiful, valuable, and priceless music equipment from the band’s we love so much. It is on this day that I regret to inform you that such a tragedy has happened to our good friends in New Grass Country Club.

But listen, we figured it out. We have a plan. We think it can work.

As many of you may know, us New Orleans music cats always have each others backs no matter what and when we heard about this atrocity we hit the drawing boards with a plan. Tyler, my band-mate and the first friend I ever had in this fine community of New Orleans musicians, leads the fight with the planning of MARLEY FEST 2011 at the Mudlark Theatre Saturday February 19th at 4:30 PM right before Krewe Du Vieux. Additionally, he has also taken upon himself the assembling of the “STOP THE HATE” compilation with un-released tracks from Vox and The Hound, Sun Hotel, Native America, NEW GRASS COUNTRY CLUB, and Caddywhompus available for purchase here at Chinquapin Records or at Bandcamp.


This is a really great cause y’all and we would really appreciate your support and trying to get this boys back on the stage again. I seriously cannot stress how much it would mean to us if you helped – not to mention how damn good the album is in itself! Seriously!

Enough from me for now. Thank-you so much for visiting our site(still under construction). Can’t wait to get these boys playing again!

Alex & The Rest of the Chinqua Gang

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