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Caddywhompus – Fuck and Run (Chopped and Screwed)


Get a taste of the dirty south where the beats flow like syrup which also flows like water. Get a firm grip on that styrofoam cup and bang this slow shit up and down the boulevard. “Fuck and Run” was originally written by Liz Phair and we in the Caddy crew covered the song for [...]

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Chris Rehm – IWPTSOA Records release (March 23, 2013)


Hello WORLD. Chris Rehm here, writing to let whomever cares to know that I will be releasing a new short-running record tomorrow, March 23rd. The great people at I Will Play This Song Once Again Records (Brussels, Belgium) hit me up a few months back and asked if I was interested in doing a release [...]

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Featherface Live Acoustic Session / Show TONIGHT!


Chris Rehm here, letting you know about some tight shit that went down this afternoon. Featherface, a Houston-based psych roch band let me record this acoustic session at the crib today. The song “An Aside” is from their latest record Actual Magic. The song “Breach” is from their previous record titled It Comes Electric. They [...]

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COSTUME PARTY: A Nightmare on Toulouse Street – Habitat as Nirvana, Sun Hotel as The Ramones, and Caddywhompus as Patsy Cline


  What’s better?  Bands playing their own music?  Or bands playing other bands music?  We may never know the truth, but this Halloween we are going to try a little experiment. Chinquapin Records Presents:  A Nightmare on Toulouse Street will be a costume party featuring cover sets by locals Habitat as Nirvana, Sun Hotel as [...]

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We’re Re-Designing and We Would LOVE Your Input


Exciting times are coming up for us folks here at Chinquapin Records as we begin the early stages of re-designing our website and we can’t wait to share with some of the awesome plans we have for it with you. It’s been just about a year and a half since we first launched after [...]

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Dennis Sager, Christian Baraks and Matt Seferian are ArchAnimals. Living the swamp life, these Texans tell extremely relatable stories through lyrics and sonic landscapes. Full of feedback and grit, these rockers want to play as loud as they can, leaving a piece of themselves on stage for all the crowd to see. ArchAnimals loves you. [...]

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2012 Summer Sampler


Catalog #: CR-016 Release Date: 06/11/2012 This Free Summer Sampler is a combined effort between Community and Chinquapin Records. You can stream all 27 tracks below for FREE. Visit for a free download link and more information regarding the songs and the artists. Stuck – Caddywhompus Blood of Snakes – Stuck Lucky Walk Between [...]

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Chris Rehm – Elephant Ring

[i found an] Elephant Ring [ and gave it you]

Stream and download the album here.

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Arch Animals – Garden

Arch Animals - Garden

Arch Animals just put out this little diddy last week.  ”Smooth” and “jammy” guitar riffs ontop of some heavy distorted bass lines with great lyrics.  You know what time it is.

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Habitat Demo


CR-013 5/03/12 Track List Miracle of Deafness Broke My Home See Saw Other One All Along We Used to Know Demo recordings of Habitat (members of High In One Eye, Country Club, and Glish). Habitat breeds songs boasting a powerful energy rooted in both a mastering of their instruments and encapsulating lyrics. Album recorded and [...]

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