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The colloquialism “caddywhompus” is defined by such adjectives as “uneven,” “crooked” and “out of whack”—a list which could, in some instances, allude to the mind-bending sounds of the experimental noise-pop band who bears said name but whom can otherwise be described thus: spot on. Quasi-fraternal twins Sean Hart (drums) and Chris Rehm (guitar/vocals) have been [...]

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Chris Rehm


I’ve been writing & recording songs for most of my life & sometimes I need some alone time away from a band. This is the music I make when left to my own devices. It started off as silly/weird bedroom sugary pop & now it’s dripping like molasses. I generally write & record at the [...]

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Donovan Wolfington


Donovan Wolfington consists of Neil Berthier, Matt Seferian, Christian Baraks, Savannah Saxton and Chris Littlejohn. With a lot of heart and a few songwriters, Donovan Wolfington delivers an exquisite musical product blending punk rock and indie rock, all with a New Orleans flair. The heart wrenching lyrics and blistering build-ups are best served live. Donovan [...]

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Habitat is a three piece ensemble comprised of Evan Cvitanovic (Drums), Andrew Landry (Guitar), and Jack Donovan (Guitar/Vocals). Originating in New Orleans, the band draws from a wide variety of influences, most notably Claude Debussy, Green Arrows, and the Beach Boys. Habitat’s music is rooted in Western Classical and American jazz traditions and filtered through [...]

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Thanks 4 the $$$

Oh you done did it now. You’re officially on my list of “dope people”, along with Str8 Barz (left) and Riff Raff (right). Get your super-exclusive extras HERE which are: Untitled Guitar Loop (from the recording session that “Worries”, “Blinders”, “Vents” and “Don’t Leave Me Blue” were tracked during) The Drive (original take of me [...]

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Thank You! xoxo

Thanks! Click here for download of the 3 bonus tracks. A little about them…. “Pperverts Say The Darndest Thingz” is a track from my next project in progress. In short, I sampled a lot of pornography and obscure speech about sex and aimed to make destructive glitchy music around the clips. Expect much more of [...]

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Chris Rehm – Worries, etc.


to get the album plus 2 bonus tracks. (After you donate, click ‘return to donations coordinator’ to get your stuff!) Worries Blinders Vents Silences Remembers Keys Stasis Anxieties Releases Total running time (28:58) Notes: I started recording this album before I knew I was recording it: in the summer of 2008. I recorded a guitar [...]

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DTH – Young Heart Sounds


Released: January 18, 2011 Click Here (Or The Image Above) To Download Donate ANY amount here to receive 3 bonus tracks! After transaction, click “Return to Devin Hildebrand” Sometimes I Forget // I’m Going To Remember // This Stuff Forever Honey Bee I Miss You // So Much // When I’m // Messed Up I [...]

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sIngs – You’re


Released: May 14, 2010 Worries You’re Notes: This track was released on a 7″ split with Caddywhompus.  You can order the vinyl at our store.

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Caddywhompus – Applethauth


Released:  May 14, 2010 Applethauth Lyrics: Notes:  This song was released on a split 7″ with sIngs.  The vinyl is available over at the store.

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