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Upcoming Shows Oct 27 – Nov 18

Chindig_02 Banner

FEATURED EVENT: You had a great time at the first Chindig (remember?), well here’s our sophomore attempt. This one’s a release party for the first-ever Chinquapin compilation. Chindig 02 will be held at Saturn Bar on November 11th and will feature Brass Bed, Native America & High in One Eye. It is, in fact, a [...]

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Upcoming Shows October 2011


Holy moly, guacamole. We merry musicians at Chinquapin are officially back to school. People are getting sick, staying up too late, waking up early, and most importantly, prepping for some upcoming shows we’re doing. Let’s do this chronologically, ite? 9/22/2011 (Tallahassee, FL) : Sun Hotel + Native America + Salt Altars + Crawfishes + Daniel Moran [...]

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Sun Hotel – “Talks”


“Talks” is the latest free download off of Sun Hotel’s newest release, “Gifts.” This album marks their fourth release and us guys here at Chinquapin couldn’t be anymore proud to be helping release it. Pre-orders available at their website. RSVP to The CD Release Show Friday October 7th at One Eyed Jacks Click on this [...]

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Caddywhompus – “The Weight”


“The Weight” Click for free download. The Weight Age of Wild Spirits The Others The Focus Photograph by Jesse Kees

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Caddywhompus – “The Weight”


The Weight has transmogrified from one song that we played at the Community Records Block Party in 2010 into a fully dissected and expanded 4 song EP. We recorded demos of 3 of them in Brooklyn last summer in our buddy Lucian’s (Fiasco) basement. We re-recorded the songs plus a new one at the now [...]

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Caddywhompus EP Release Show!


Hello Everyone! We are super pumped about this here show and you should be too cause it’s going to be crazy!  If you’ve never been to Studio 3 before you are in for a treat.  It’s a big ol’ warehouse with a bunch of huge Mardis-Gras floats and weird giant party stuff hanging from the [...]

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Hello again! We are genuinely astounded and humbled by the amount of support we have received in the past two days. We were able to raise $900 in 48 hours from 34 people for Chris’ pedals. A couple really awesome people even donated pedals and cables. The New Orleans Music Exchange said they’d give us [...]

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Stop The Hate 2.0 (Start the Love)


Hey everybody, I know we already stopped the hate once already, but when dealing with a crime so hateful and destructive as band equipment theft, you can never be to sure when it will unexpectedly strike again. I think you know where this is going . . . Chris Rehm’s pedal box was stolen on [...]

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“Age of Wild Spirits”


So check this out: We teamed up with our old pals Community Records and have decided to do a little experiment with the new Caddywhompus release. It’s going to be a joint effort between both labels and we have come up with a pretty neat idea (we think)… If we get 7,500 downloads of the [...]

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“Stop The Hate” Compilation

Stop The Hate Cover Art

New Grass Country Club – Kingdom Native America – Earth Chattering Sun Hotel – Oikos Vox and the Hound – Mom’s Origami Caddywhompus – The Focus Total running time (17:89) Notes: We put together this compilation of previously unreleased material by some of New Orleans’ most peaceful bands in an effort to help New Grass [...]

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