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Dear friends, In the not too distant future, there exists a world where finals are unheard of, where every barista is a bartender, and the days of the week aren’t defined by your class schedule but your grass schedule (i’m sorry)… Though apocryphal, this future is approaching our reality at the speed of Caddywhompus… on [...]

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Block Party // Treats!


This weekend has been long awaited by we Chinqua-heads along with many others. This Saturday, April 21st marks Community Records’ 5th annual Block Party, an all day & night DIY music festival on Clio St. near Lee Circle. This year, 26 bands will be featured on the linuep, with five Chinquapin Records-affiliated artists included in [...]

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Choi Wolf – 2011 Demo


Byron from Glish’s punk project.  Fast-nasaly-grind.

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B L A C K I E – demo


This is an older EP by B L A C K I E, aka Michael LaCour, released in ’09. If you like this you will be way down with his live set.  He plays Block Party this Saturday 4/21/12 at 8 o’clock.

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The Tontons – So Young / Golden


The Tontons are good friends of ours from way out yonder in Houston, TX, the city of syrup.  They have a very unique sound that can only be described as motorcycle-dance-rock/sexual-lounge-pop.  These two songs, recorded at Sugar-Hill Studios in Houston, are the first 2 tracks off their most recent EP, Golden.  Download them for free and [...]

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Chinquapin / Community Records Showcase


  This Thursday will be madness. First off, the above bands and we label-dudes are all joining forces to put on this DIY double date. It’s a showcase of sorts, displaying what Community Records and Chinquapin Records has to offer.  Com Rec is killin it with that all-ages punk as eff fest at The Big [...]

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Caddywhompus Catch-Up


We the merry two in the Caddy labs have kicked it into high gear recently and have a few things to report to the blogosphere. Today (well, yesterday now) we released some new recordings for free as a TREAT. These tracks (read: Maze Demos) were done this past winter in our practice space (the Maze) [...]

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Upcoming Chinquapin-related shows!

Click to see where the party at

Hello! We’ve been organizing a bunch of events lately and we are really exited to announce as many as we can handle announcing at one time.  So here is what February is looking like… UPCOMING CHINQUAPIN SHOWS: FEB 2ND – Native America, Pals, Netherfriends –  Circle Bar {Facebook Event} FEB 3RD – Sun Hotel, Good [...]

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Holiday Charity Jingler


Skank Family Collective & Chinquapin Records Present: A Holiday Charity Jingler by Various Skank Family Collective & Chinquapin Records Present: A Holiday Charity Jingler – 13 tracks of winter wonder that will set your hearts aflame. With six songs provided by the Chinquapin Records family and seven by the Skank Family Collective (formerly the Skanky [...]

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Holiday Happenings


You’ve been bad this year… Really bad. You know all those sick presents you wanted!? That vintage monophonic keyboard?? That Morrissey live at the Shrine auditorium box set?! Things aren’t lookin good. Nevertheless, the Christmas angels of old are providing you with a chance to get back into Santa’s good graces. Chinquapin Records and Austin’s [...]

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