Chris Rehm

I’ve been writing & recording songs for most of my life & sometimes I need some alone time away from a band. This is the music I make when left to my own devices. It started off as silly/weird bedroom sugary pop & now it’s dripping like molasses. I generally write & record at the same time & never really have an end result in mind, so I just try things out until they make sense in my mind. My first instrument was guitar & I’ve picked up whatever I can as instruments come my way. Guitars, vocals, toy keyboards, various wind instruments (i.e. tin whistles, cheap little toy flutes, clarinets from grade school, etc.), tambourines & other percussion instruments, field recordings, augmented sections of old recordings, among many other things often appear in my work. Work seems like a strange word for it. I’m calling it “cave wave”. All of my music has been & will be distributed online for free. Thanks for listening.

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    Chinquapin Records is a cooperative of artists and advocates formed late 2010 in New Orleans, LA. Though the name is still young, the community that it represents has been sharing and caring since we first fell in love with each other's music. Chinquapin Records seeks to be an outlet for sharing the music we make and the music we love.
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    Chinquapin \ˈchiŋ-ki-ˌpin ri-ˈkordz\
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